When I was offered to try out these new toothpastes for free via Smiley360, I was very interested. The very thought of my kid possibly wanting to willingly brush his teeth by himself was enough to motivate me to try them out.

We received our package in the mail about a month ago, giving us plenty of time to try out the different flavors. In our package were (3) 4.2oz tubes of kids toothpaste in the flavors: bubble gum, natural watermelon, and blue raspberry.

The packaging is pretty fun. There are irredescent polka dots all over the tubes with little smiley emoji faces mixed in. Each bottle is also colored to represent the flavor it contains inside.

The Bubble Gum and Blue Raspberry toothpaste are ADA accepted fluoride toothpate for kids. The Watermelon toothpaste is the only one that is fluoride-free and safe for all ages, so it can be used for training. All of the ingredients are naturally friendly. It contains no preservatives, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, triclosan or dyes. The tube itself is BPA-free and contains no phthalates.

The flavors are great. I tried them before giving them to my kids to make sure they were up to my tasting standards. The toothpaste itself is white in color, which kind of freaked my four year old out. It was like the “mystery” paste, even though I had insisted it was watermelon and showed him the box. He is an extremely picky little boy and usually will tell me he doesn’t like something without trying it. Once I managed to get him to start brushing (with the Watermelon flavor first), he admitted that it wasn’t so bad. I had a tough time getting him to try the Blue Raspberry and Bubble Gum. He insists that they are gross, even though they aren’t.

My 1 year old, who we have been training to use a toothbrush, loves the Watermelon. He’s pretty opposite of my first kid, though, so that doesn’t really surprise me. Of course, I did not try the other two flavors with him since they have fluoride in them.

Overall, I think these new products are great. If your kid is just really picky, you might not be able to get them to brush better even with cool flavors. Every kid is different, so I can’t vouch for anyone else. With a combination of the natural ingredients, fun flavors that actually taste good (remember, I tried them) and appealing packaging, I’d say that they are worth a try if you want to steer away from Crest or Colgate.

*I have received this product without charge from Smiley 360 to write an honest review, I have received no instruction and the opinions expressed are my own.”