We have a very tiny bathroom in our home that is primarily used for guests. There is one small towel rack on the back of the door that barely fits a single towel. Our guests never have a place to hang their towels to dry afterwards. These are the perfect solution.

I will admit, I was a little unsure at first. Reason being, I had assumed that the hooks could swivel 360 degrees like similar clothes hangers that I have. But the hook does not swivel. Luckily, this did not impact the way the hook sits on the towel rack or anywhere else that I have tried them. The tip of the clip has a black rubber grip to it, which will hold the cloth snugly in place. They are really good quality and do not feel cheap.I can see these also being useful when we go camping to hang wet clothes or towels to dry. Since it comes with 8, I will have extras because there is no need for that many in our small bathroom.

Set of 8
Stainless steel
Rubber grips on the clips
Convenient for traveling or camping

Hooks do not rotate


They can be purchased at the following link: