This is going to be a little bit of a vent. I’ve been a member of Amazon for a LONG time – since 2002 when I was a mere 18 years old. I have always had the same account, never cancelled. I’ve reviewed items periodically through that time, but started doing a lot of reviews when I became a stay-at-home Mom about 2-3 years ago.

I understand that a lot of other folks also joined the review bandwagon because they were able to get free or discounted items. Unfortunately, some bad apples went and ruined it for everyone. Unlike myself, who gave long, drawn out honest reviews with photos and videos…. a lot of people would just lie and say the product was great and give it 5 stars to make the seller happy. I don’t operate that way and I never will.

As of a few days ago, Amazon randomly will no longer allow me to post reviews. They state that I have previously posted a review that is against their terms and conditions or that I have a relationship with the seller. Neither is true. I wasn’t even notified that anything was wrong in an email. So, needless to say, I’m pretty irritated but hey… life goes on.

Going forward, I will be posting 100% of my reviews right here on my blog. I won’t have answer to picky Amazon and their employees who don’t even take time to read what is written before they ban their customers from voicing their honest opinions.

I hope what I do on here will be helpful for potential customers of products who, like me, like to research items before deciding to purchase them. There are some products that have zero Amazon reviews and are really hard to find elsewhere on the internet. I’ll be happy to share what I can.