Women Working Out Yoga Pants Black Purple Printed Leggings for Fitness,Gym Chikool Ninth Pants

I am often on the fence about buying clothes online because so many companies have the sizes running differently than what I’m used to – especially on Amazon. A good amount of the clothes on there are “Asian sized” meaning they run super small.
To give you an idea: I am 5’3 and approximately 140lbs. I have a fairly short torso and am about a 38C. I don’t know my hip measurements and all that off the top of my head. I usually wear a Large or XL in workout pants. These pants are not made of a thin material. They are more like a compression pant and you can’t see through them. However, they do have a white under base, meaning if the material is stretched out, you will see white in between the ribbing. It’s not terrible and you can’t really tell unless your face is a few inches away from the material.

The material is like a rough cotton feeling almost. Like if you have dry hands, the skin will catch on it. This is like nails on a chalkboard for me. I’d prefer the material to be more silky, personally. The pants have a lot of stretch to them. The waist band is high and very wide, so you don’t have to worry about muffintop. Just tuck away any of your fluff if you’ve got it.


Overall, I do really like these pants. The design is cute and they fit great. The material is thick, you can’t see through them. My only complaint is the feel of the fabric from the outside, but it may not bother most people. I might just be different and have a sensory issue.

They are currently on Amazon for $15.99 with Prime free 2 day shipping. The purple ones look pretty cool, too, though I have the black ones.